April 2018 Update

Well, things here at Huntzman Enterprises have been quite busy here of late, and I am just now finding some free time to do a monthly insignia design update. It's my intention to do a monthly listing of all the new patches, pins or coins that have come out in the previous month. It's our way of helping collectors know what authentic items are coming out onto the market.

As always, if the patches are made by us they will have our sticker on the reverse, unless of course it has a velcro backing. In the case of the stickers, we change them often in both design, information and color of ink used. While this is not foolproof, it does help to keep the reproduction artists off balance. We have sometimes seen a particular patch that was produced in a later year using an earlier years sticker. As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

March saw the debut of four new insignia:

NYPD St. Patrick's Day 2018 Patch

NYPD Subdued Regulation Patch (Velcro Backing) - Designed to be used on tactical vests, gear bags, etc. 

Cazenovia College, New York, Police Academy Patch

Richmond, Virginia St. Patrick's Day 2018 Patch


Welcome to the new Huntzman Enterprises website

If you're reading this, please allow me this opportunity to welcome you to the re-designed Huntzman Enterprises website. 

The first website,  created back in 2002, was great for the technology that existed then, but  eventually it failed to keep up with the times. In 2013 several things occurred on a personal level that made updating the site a major chore and the last update was done a short time later in 2014. 

In 2016, Squarespace was recommended to us for another website that we were building and we found that the experience was incredibly simple. After the completion of that site, we decided to make the transition from our old host to Squarespace. 

PLEASE NOTE: In an effort to transition over to the new site, as quickly as possible, you might encounter some issues with the shopping portals. These are still in production, as we assess our inventory, and we ask that you please be patient. As previously noted, the last update was in 2014, so there are new items which will be added.

With the addition of the BLOG option, we hope to keep folks updated as to what insignia is being produced. As some of the units occasionally allow for direct sales to collectors, we will look to provide links if they are made available. 

Thanks again for visiting and remember to bookmark our page.

 The (in)Famous original HUNTZMAN website helicopter

The (in)Famous original HUNTZMAN website helicopter